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Milky Moo (Dairy Product) - Baripada:

Renowned for its commitment to freshness and purity, Milky Moo offers a wide range of dairy products sourced from the pristine farms of Baripada. BARSHA AGENCY takes pride in distributing Milky Moo’s extensive selection of milk, yogurt, butter, cheese, and other dairy delights, ensuring that customers experience unparalleled taste and nutrition with every purchase.

Zero Pure (Packaged Water) - Mayurbhanj:

Zero Pure exemplifies purity in every drop, offering meticulously purified packaged water sourced from the picturesque locales of Mayurbhanj. As the authorized distributor of Zero Pure, BARSHA AGENCY ensures that this premium packaged water reaches households, offices, and retail outlets across the region, meeting the hydration needs of consumers while adhering to the highest quality standards.


AquaHaze (Packaged Water) - Mayurbhanj:

AquaHaze stands as a testament to quality and reliability in the packaged water segment, catering to the health-conscious consumers of Mayurbhanj. BARSHA AGENCY plays a pivotal role in distributing AquaHaze’s range of purified water products, offering a refreshing and safe hydration solution that meets the diverse needs of its customers.

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